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Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming pool leaks, leak detection, and water loss symptoms discussed by a swimming pool & hot tub expert. Learn where swimming pools leak from, how they leak, why they leak and what you can do to stop it.

pool leaks

Swimming pool leaks are a major problem. If having a garden hose hanging over the side of your pool is a common occurrence you should seriously consider finding out where your pool is leaking from. The amount of damage and extra running costs that you experience from having a pool leak is absolutely staggering.

Pool leaks cause heating bills to increase, pool leaks cause chemical maintenance costs to skyrocket but worst of all a leak in your swimming pool can cause further damage to other pool components and even cause a total structural failure of the pool.

Pool Leaking

Is your pool leaking? Where does it go? Do you know where the pool is leaking from or is it really just that much evaporation ? So many pool owners ignore the problem of a leaking pool because the temporary solution is so simple - just drag the hose on and let it run. Better yet never put the hose away and just leave it permanently draped over the size of the pool for quick daily filling. So what is the problem?

Swimming pool maintenance is just like car maintenance. If you ignore the problem you will usually end up breaking something even more expensive in the process. Since an average in ground swimming pool will cost $30,000 to $40,000 minimum in most places why would you ignore such a blatant sign as water leaking from the pool?

Pool Leak Detection

Pool leak detection tests designed to help isolate possible causes for unexplained loss are the first step in any swimming pool leak situation. Depending on the characteristics of the leaking water and some simple observations you can usually determine where the water is escaping the system.

Finding pool leaks can actually be quite complicated and you will likely need to perform a few different tests in order to close in on the culprit. The good news is that while you could pay a pool leak detection company to use electronic pool leak detectors and potentially find the leak in a matter of minutes this will be expensive.

It is also worth noting that many of these so called leak detection experts do not fix the leak but instead offer only to "find" it for a flat rate. This is a liability free business model that leaves the pool owner holding the bag for labor to pursue an underground leak. Most home owners have the ability to find a leak in a pool at least as well as most pool contractors and it just takes a little work and a little patience and best of all - very little money!

Pool Leak Test

If you want to try a pool leak test yourself there are actually a number of extremely easy diagnostic tests that the average pool owner can complete themselves as well as a number of intermediary leak tests that some pool owners will likely be comfortable with. It can be time consuming to leak test a swimming pool and you can save a lot of money by performing these tests yourself. The average pool specialist will charge around $100 per hour depending on where you live so finding a leak in your own pool can be a huge money savings.

The evaporation test
The isolation test
The water level test
The dye test
The pressure test

Starting with an evaporation test you can verify if your pool is actually leaking. You can then proceed with an isolation test to determine if the pool structure or pool plumbing is the cause of the water loss. Depending on the results from these tests you can then perform a water level test, a dye test in the pool or a pressure test of the pool plumbing system. After this all you will need to do is repair the deficiency and get back to enjoying your pool.

How To Find A Pool Leak

The most important aspect of how to find a pool leak is observing the leaking conditions. The more information that you can garner about how much the pool is leaking, and any factors that impact how much or how fast the water leaks out of the pool, the more likely you will be at finding the leak source.

Why pay someone else to observe the leak in your pool while the pool is placed under certain conditions when you can easily do this yourself. In many cases a pool owner can even be more accurate than a leak detection contractor given the constant and easy access to the pool. A swimming pool can really only leak in so many possible places as they are just not that complicated. The pool leak tests on this website will help you find a leak in your swimming pool.